We never meant to re-invent the wheel when it comes to popcorn, but we did want to revolutionize the popcorn business by recreating the experience of our customers and deliver the best popcorn flavors on the market. I've always been the one to have a grand imagination accompanied with a MacGyver like resourcefulness. Not saying that I could make bomb out of toothpaste, cornstarch, and moth balls, but I was always interested in making any food, product, or service better and run more efficiently. With that being said, I have been able to use my creativity to develop all of wonderful flavors at Popcorn King. It all started when my wife, a huge kettle corn fan, would buy multiple $8-$10 bags of kettle corn every chance she could get. Whether it’s a carnival, fair, or charity event, she was definitely going to be in line to grab her share. Well one year while at a carnival, we ended up buying a bag of popcorn which was burnt, lacked the right sugar/salt ratio, and most of the popcorn was smashed into bits. So that day I said to myself that I was going to make a better product. Time past, lots of trial and error took place, but eventually we got it right. I started off old school, hand shaking popcorn on the stove like grandma use to make on those summer days. I used to give out samples for free with my coworkers and my family, and now we are growing in popularity and achieve the ultimate goal of greatness.


There might be others that claim to be the king of popcorn, but there is a new ruler in town. Popcorn King is the brainchild of a lot dreaming and unfocused creativity that might not have become a reality. I am a dreamer by heart, a constant procrastinator by mind, but a warrior in spirit mostly due to my ADHD. I'm not telling you this as an excuse, I'm telling you this for all of the other great minds who don't believe that they can achieve great things. If you are blessed with a vision, you have to use your imagination to work it out in your mind and work tirelessly until your dream becomes a reality. Truthfully, this is the very first time where I was blessed with an idea, brainstormed that idea, took consistent action on that idea, and have worked tirelessly to watch that idea manifest into huge success in which my clients mouths and stomachs can appreciate. Popcorn King has allowed me to overcome my fear of failure and keep my dreams and ideas from ever entering the richest place on earth, the graveyard. So for those who read this, stay true to yourself and what you believe will bring you true happiness and success, keep working, and watch your dreams and aspirations blossom beyond your expectations.